No More Kids For Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes?

Recent pics of Katie Holmes have some wondering if she’s expecting again, but the former Dawson’s Creek star says that she’s completely content with the size of her family as it is.

“I’m not worried about it [having a new sibling for Suri],” Katie, 32, insists. “She’s got really good friends and great cousins, so I feel happy about it. We have a really busy household, and it’s really fun and fulfilling. There’s always something going on.”

Though Katie and her husband Tom Cruise don’t have any other kids together, Suri does have two half-siblings: Isabella, 18, and Connor, 16, Tom’s kids from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

“They’re great kids, a great brother and a great sister to Suri, and she’s a great sister to them,” Katie says, adding that she’s very close to the older kids as well. “It’s not, ‘This is stepmotherhood and this is motherhood.'”

Photos: Pacific Coast News