Victoria Beckham: 4th C-Section On 4th Of July?

Born in the USA! They might be one of Britain’s most famous couples but David and MailOnline reports.

Sources say the decision was made to acknowledge Posh and Becks’ four years in America. A spokesperson for the Beckhams confirmed, “It is no secret that Victoria will be having her baby in the U.S. – we will not be confirming the date although early July is correct.”

The rep also addressed rumors that the couple will name their daughter Atlanta: “David and Victoria have a shortlist of names and once they have met their daughter then they will decide – Atlanta is not on that shortlist!”

A source added: “Vic and David love America, its culture and her people, who have welcomed them with open arms. The most important thing is the health of mother and baby and things can always change last minute. But if it’s possible for the baby to be born on Independence Day, Vic and David will be thrilled.”

David and Victoria are already parents to sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6.

Photos: GSI Media