Picture%201282 The Rolex Yacht Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master is for the most part a pastime keep track of which have been getting produced by Rolex because 1992. even although relatively young, the Yacht-Master is for the most part a extremely preferred Rolex style with editions obtainable for each grownup men and ladies.

The Rolex Yacht-Master features exactly the exact Rolex caliber 3135 movement utilized within Submariner and Sea-Dweller models. As opposed to some diver’s watch, it is for the most part a keep track of made for experienced sailors. The Yacht-Master is waterproof, but could possibly only be submersed in consuming water as a complete whole lot as 100 meters. This Rolex keep track of also features a Triplock winding crown, bidirectional bezel and matching Oysterlock bracelet. It is obtainable in yellow gold, platinum and stainless steel. Some Yacht-Masters even take place in two-tone varieties.

In 1997, the Yacht-Master was unveiled in “Rolesium” which was a phrase Rolex set up since the company’s individual different stainless metal and platinum construction. The case, strap and crown are stainless steel. The bezel and dial are platinum. This style could possibly be also identified since the “Platinum Yacht-Master”.

In April 2007, the Yacht-Master II was unveiled for the public. This keep track of features a patented programmable countdown and mechanised memory. it experienced been once again created for experienced sailors and guarantees correct time-keeping all through regattas.

Today, the Rolex Yacht-Master remains to be considered a needed keep track of for the important thing experienced sailor. The performance and best level of quality Rolex Yacht-Master is in collection with Rolex’s wish for providing perfection within their pastime watches.