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Recently, a unusual 1981 Rolex COMEX 1665 Sea-Dweller “resurfaced” so to speak. This important sit back and watch will in all likelihood be auctioned away on April 18th on the Fellow’s Auction House’s Wrist & Pocket timepieces Auction using the United Kingdom. This particular sit back and watch is believed to market for £25,000- £35,000, or about $40,000-$56,000.

COMEX stands for “Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises”, a French institution founded in November 1961. This company, run by Henri Germain Delauze, specializes in engineering and deep diving operations. It utilizes hyperbaric screening facilities, oceanographical evaluation ships and screening pools for evaluation in submersion and depth.

What produces the Rolex COMEX timepieces so rare? These timepieces have been in no way truly marketed for the public; rather, they have been utilized only by COMEX divers. For these particular watches, Rolex and COMEX worked with one another to develop the timepieces, which have been truly utilized a whole whole lot more as methods than pieces of jewelry. A dependable sit back and watch is very important at monitoring divers’ occasions at particular depths for not merely the divers’ safety, but in add-on for the character of COMEX’s research. several of those timepieces even featured helium escape valves for use at exceptional depths.

The winner in the Rolex COMEX auction will certainly be in possession of the unusual and specific instrument that was worth very much a whole whole lot over $56,000 to divers through its use.