Yes, that is precise — 35,840 ft deep, or about 11,000 meters — is how deep the Rolex Deep Sea specific has been. that is the equivalent of practically 7 miles below the surface. in fact it experienced been toward bottom from the deepest element of Ocean — the southern accomplish from the Mariana Trench identified merely as “Challenger Deep” — the fact that observe and two brave souls went, fifty many years ago. it experienced been January 23, 1960, to turn out to be precise, as well as the two brave souls experienced been U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard. They piloted TRIESTE, a crude vessel identified getting a bathyscaph, toward “Challenger Deep” and back. plus they took a extremely specific Rolex with them. The feat of the human, or perhaps a watch, descending to this kind of depths has by no signifies been repeated.

Thanks toward superb individuals at Liljenquist & Beckstead of McLean VA (Washington DC), I recently experienced the privilege and honor to experience firsthand this Rolex Deep Sea Special. As between the pre-eminent Rolex sellers inside the East Coast (among the a great offer of other luxury producers they hold — A. Lange, Hublot, Breguet, et al.), Lijenquist & Beckstead was selected to hold out host to some celebration from the 50th anniversary from the TRIESTE’s descent aka the “Deepest Dive”.

Specifically, they arranged over a good celebration web hosting U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh (co-captain from the TRIESTE) and senior representatives of Rolex USA. And of course, the legendary Rolex Deep Sea specific was top and center.

I should say it experienced been very an honor to shake arms and chat with LT Don Walsh. as shortly when you need to locate out what a genuine American Hero is like, you need go no farther than Don Walsh. In my short discussion with him, Don was splendid — uncomplicated to communicate with and obviously entire of know-how stemming from his lifetime of experience in and near to the marine environment. I only need I experienced extra time to query and listen toward testimonies of his achievement and adventure. Don was gracious to create himself readily available for different several hours in the store, chatting with fans and enthusiasts, signing autographs, shaking hands, and posing for pics (don’t views that non-Rolex placing on fellow inside the right):

In the below photo, Don Walsh factors out the TRIESTE. The sphere in the bottom from the vessel that Walsh is pointing to is in which he and Piccard experienced been situated using the vision — concerning the sizing of the huge refrigertator, in accordance with Walsh. And for **just** 9 hours! Interestingly, as Walsh explained it, the Rolex Deep Sea specific was not technically affixed toward outside from the vessel (though definitely was nevertheless subjected toward ocean components and every individual tad from the pressure). do I just shatter a tad of well-liked observe folklore?

Not surprisingly, Don Walsh is becoming a Rolex-wearer contemplating that 1960. as well as the dude understands learn to throw lower a wrist shot:

Doing a tad of evaluation inside the topic, I arrived to uncover that there are myriad reviews of Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard’s well-known journey. For example, Jake’s Rolex weblog has extensive writings inside the subject. therefore the intent the fact that concentrate of the write-up is on my exclusive experience with Don Walsh as well as the Rolex Deep Sea specific and never appreciably more. I will, however, propose two extremely recent, extremely nicely composed content articles which i arrived throughout which i think you will enjoy.