Fran Drescher has returned to television in Happily Divorced, a sitcom she created with her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson loving   rolex watches.

The 53-year-old actress ended her 20 year marriage with Peter in 1999 and he came out to her as a gay man shortly thereafter.

Fran and Peter reconnected during her battle with cancer and remain best friends today. Their story served as the inspiration for their hit new TV Land sitcom.

Happily Divorced debuted last month to solid ratings, with 4.4 million viewers tuning in on premiere night.

It sounds like a story they’d create on a Hollywood back lot, perfect for a sitcom, maybe with a cute little ditty to start the show. The opening credits would say something about how He (Peter Marc Jacobson) fell in love with Her (Fran Drescher), when they were both 15. From Flushing, Queens, no less, the two got married at 21 and decided to become big stars and move to Los Angeles.  They had style, they had class, then she kicked him out on his ass. Well, not exactly. After Jacobson dropped his acting career and co-created her show “The Nanny,” serving as executive producer and writer, the two had a massive hit on their hands, and one big problem. Jacobson was gay, but not quite ready to accept that minor glitch. Instead, he became a control freak over every aspect of his wife’s career and show.

“The Nanny” ended, they divorced, and Jacobson moved back to New York. After he came out, to himself, to his friends, and to his ex-wife, the two slowly re-built their relationship and took a vacation to together. They had so much fun that Fran thought it would make for a perfect sitcom. And that’s how they became…“Happily Divorced.”

June 15 marks the premiere of Fran Drescher’s new TV Land sitcom, “Happily Divorced” (Jacobson is, once again, a producer and writer) and, while the story is based on true events, reality and fiction took a much longer, complicated journey to join together as gay man and ex-wife.

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