Lindsay Lohan outside Philippe’s Watches & Jewelry in Beverly Hills.Lindsay Lohan dropped $53k on three Rolex watches yesterday at a watch store in Beverly Hills.Lindsay Lohan definitely knows what time it is.

The 22-year-old actress dropped some serious cash on a watch shopping spree yesterday at Philippe’s Rolex watches & Jewelry in Beverly Hills, Ca.

Lohan’s retail by the numbers: the actress dropped $53,000 retail price in about 45 minutes (give-or-take a star discount) on three Rolex watches. For those with watches, about $1,200 per minute!

“I don’t know why she bought three Rolex watches,” admits the owner Philippe Briest. “I guess she just felt like having them.”

The watches included one Rolex rose-gold President watch with a diamond dial (retail price at $30,000), one Daytona stainless steel and yellow-gold watch with a black mother-of-pearl dial at $15,000.

The third was a gift. A stainless steel Rolex with black diamond skull in the center. Total worth $8,000. Phillippe would say who the watch was for—”but it was a very romantic gift, I can say that.”

Briest says his playful shopper was “skinny, but very happy. She looks great.”

“She loves to play with all the stuff when she comes in. She wants to try everything on. She cannot decide. And then she wants it all.”

Lohan was not without some help. Phillippe says he gave his “regular customer” Lohan a discount, which he listed at 20 percent. Check out the video here:

The Rolex Day-Date is an officially self-winding chronometer wristwatch notable for becoming the first wristwatch with a day-date function. Dubbed as the “Rolex President watch“, the Day-Date has long been one and the same with prestige, power, and exclusivity. The President Eisenhower was presented by the Chairman of Rolex with an 18kt yellow gold DateJust watch in 1948, to celebrate the Allied victory over the Nazis in World War II, and the said watch is one of the company’s exclusive timepieces. In 1956, yet Eisenhower’s watch needed a new bracelet. The new bracelet with a concealed clasp was moniker the “President’s bracelet”, which led to the Day-Date watch was designated as the “President”. Many believed this was due to the same year the Day-Date watch was introduced.
The white gold is considered less ostentatious than its yellow gold counterpart and is considerably more subtle yet quite elegant. The fluted bezel is quite flashy though, as it tends to sparkle like diamonds in even the faintest of light yet only can men complain not women. However, you don’t have to worry about ever having to have a white gold Rolex re-plated because Rolex uses a very unique manufacturing process in the creation of their white gold-white metals such as palladium are literally blended into molten gold to create solid “white gold”. No doubt, the alloy which Rolex creates is very expensive to manufacture as well as well as the machine, much like Rolex 904L stainless steel. Some complain that white gold is very similar in appearance to stainless steel. Since it is distinguished by many as a dress watch, the Day-Date is considerably smaller than Rolex sports watches. The Day-Date dial is 36mm vs. 40mm for the Rolex sport models.

Rolex Gold Day-Date

Among the more unique features on the Rolex Day-Date is the bracelet. Many casual observers may not realize that the Day-Date has entirely different and unique bracelet than any other Rolex model. The Triplock crown has just two dots under the crown logo instead of the three, and is smaller in size unlike the Triplock crown on the more water resistant sport models. And since it is not a diving tool, the Day-Date is water resistant to 100 meters unlike the Submariner and Sea Dweller.
Inside the Day-Date beats the Rolex caliber movement 3155, a nearly distinguishable variant of the Rolex 3135. To create the caliber 3155, Rolex simply adds the day of the week complication to the caliber 3135. The 3155 is manufactured completely in-house by Rolex; a 31 jewel automatic movement. Over the years, many watch manufacturers have put into practiced an outsourcing strategy for various components of their watches and movements to reach manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction. However, regardless of the higher cost in intrinsic inefficiency of doing so, Rolex has wanted to completely control all aspects of the design and developing by keeping it under their own roof. The Rolex Day-Date is only the model in the Rolex catalogue (besides the Explorer II/GMT, Daytona and the latest Yacht-Master II) which has a true mechanical complication beyond the standard three hand display-adding to the desirability of the model.