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I have had a love affair with Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches for a long time. The most modern ones are the best Formula 1 watches ever in my opinion. A new special model for 2011 celebrates an historic partnership that Tag Heuer enjoyed, as well as the furtherance of the F1 collection. This is the Formula 1 Gulf Edition watch, which presents itself in a similar manner as the range of Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf watches does in partnership with Gulf Oil and auto racing.

The base watch is the steel 44mm wide Tag Heuer Formula 1 Big Date watch. It contains a Swiss quartz movement with the time, subsidiary seconds dial, and big date indicator. The dial is black with a light gray cross-hatching pattern. You then see the Gulf racing stripes (with a thinner orange bar) and the Gulf logo. I think the racing stripes and dial pattern are a really neat edition. Not only is the piece attractive, but it will be particularly attractive to Tag Heuer collectors. The watch will be available on a steel bracelet or rubber strap. I don’t believe the piece is a limited edition, and prices should be in the $1,000 range when it is available in a few months.


Patek Philippe & Co. watch

Nothing speaks style like a beautiful, expensive and classy watch on a person’s wrist. Even though people use their cell phones and other handheld devices to tell time these days, nothing can take away the popularity of a wristwatch. Every year, newer watches are manufactured by the top watch-making houses. The top 10 expensive watches that are worth a look are mentioned here.

1.Rolex Watches

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Luxury Watches for Celebrities

Britney Spears is rumoured to arranged on Dubey & Shaldenbrand; Victoria Beckham wears a Piaget; Bruce Willis wears his wrist watches within out and Nicholas Cage wore Oris in his movement photo ‘Eight Millimeter’. Luxury wrist watches are element inside the superstar world and everyone understands that individuals are attracted to all issues abundant and famous. This factors out Tag Heuer‘s romantic relationship with Uma Thurman and Roger Federer endorsing Maurice Lacroix. Read the rest of this entry »